12 Pictures of Thirty Seconds to Mars Rocking the NDSM Werf

Last time Thirty Seconds to Mars played a show in Amsterdam, we were very quick to christen it the Jared Leto show. Although acting and philanthropy have taken up more of a key role in Leto’s life of late, he still manages to find time for the creative clusterfuck that is Thirty Seconds to Mars (now a duo, together with brother Shannon). Of course, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Jared Leto is the band when even the backing guitar is played offstage. The band’s grittier and heavier beginnings outlined them as saviours of modern day emo rock, but as time has passed the focus has quite clearly shifted and morphed into a sonic palette we can’t quite place. Last night, the Leto brothers closed out the third and final night of Amsterdam’s brand new City Sounds concert series in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Amsterdam’s NDSM Werf. Natasja de Vries captured proceedings.

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