4 Important Things You Should Know When Purchasing A Home Sound System

If you wish to upgrade your current home sound system, you should be wary of certain factors that can affect the resultant sound quality and impact your budget. Whether you like to play games every day or simply binge-watch your favorite show, high-quality audio can augment the experience to a great extent. Learn more about these 4 factors when buying a new home sound system to make an informed decision.

  1. The Types of Home Sound Systems Available

With several types of home sound systems available today, choosing one for your needs can be a major challenge. While some can be easily carried around your house, others boast of superior performance. 

Some common types are,

  • Floor speakers: These speakers stand on the floor and need no additional piece of furniture for installation. They deliver sound at ear level and are ideal for living rooms or similar spaces. Despite being expensive, homeowners prefer to invest in floor speakers due to their sound quality and ease of installation.
  • Subwoofers: Action movie fans and gaming enthusiasts will simply love this kind of speaker. Subwoofers are known for their heart-pounding sound quality and bass beats, making the entire entertainment experience even more enthralling. You can replace these speakers for your stereo or place them near your screen.
  • Docking stations: These portable speakers can either be connected to smaller devices like laptops and smartphones or integrated with your MP3 system for a cinematic experience. Individuals with smaller homes who still need optimum sound quality often pick docking stations.
  • Portable speakers: As the name suggests, you can carry these speakers around and pack them in your bag to be used during your travel. Since they are wireless, managing them becomes easier. They are connected to devices via Bluetooth and can operate on batteries.

Consider one of these types of home sound systems based on your budget and needs. If you live in a compact space, you can also pick bookshelf speakers that act as floor speakers but are smaller in size.

  1. The Difference Between Surround Sound and Sound Bar

Basically, surround sound and soundbars are the two main types of sound systems picked by homeowners due to their high range and optimum quality. While surround sound systems diversify and disperse the sounds in a room to give you a cinematic experience, soundbars are typically connected to your television and produce high-quality amplified sounds to augment your viewing experience. Surround sound systems come with a set of speakers and can be quite expensive, whereas soundbars are simply thin strips or subwoofers that fit in smaller spaces.

Irrespective of the difference in the equipment and ease of installation, both types of systems guarantee qualitative results. Analyze and compare both options based on these differences, and pick one based on the anticipated sound quality and your budget. If you do not wish to spend more than $500 on your new sound system, pick a set of soundbars. However, if you have the luxury, take the entire experience up a notch and invest in a surround sound system.

  1. The Sense of Space and Acoustics

Ideally, the rooms you will be using for your entertainment purpose should be examined to align the acoustics with your choice of speakers. Measure the spaces and determine the condition of the walls and floors. The measurements and angles of your room will affect the sound quality, which is why you must have a basic sense of your spaces and the corresponding acoustics. In case of ambiguity, ask the acoustic experts who can help you pick an ideal system based on your home and needs. Simply assuming that large speakers will provide better sound quality in every space is wrong, as they can create echoes and muddy sounds. Consult a professional to clear your doubts regarding your space and related acoustics.

  1. The Right Place to Buy One

Lastly, you should know the right place to buy your audio system. Today, many stores focus on selling only audio systems and speakers. So, should you buy your model in these stores or shop online? You should first narrow down your options and finalize a model. Next, compare the options online and consult experts in the stores to know the price. If there is a major price difference, purchase your system from a source that sells your preferred model at a cheaper rate. However, check whether or not the site or seller is trusted and credible. 

A high-quality surround system can elevate your entertainment experience every time you sit to watch a movie or play a game. Before you buy it online, test the speakers at a store to determine the sound quality. More importantly, make sure that your system comes with a warranty.