5 quickfire questions with Young Fathers

Back in June, All Things Loud were due to speak to Young Fathers at Glastonbury. Unforseen circumstances, however, ensured that the interview did not go ahead as scheduled. Thankfully we were able to speak to Young Fathers vocalist Alloysious Massaquoi earlier this week, and we can now share part of the interview with you. Read on to see what he had to say.

An interesting aspect of your music is the lyricism. Where does the songwriting inspiration generally tend to come from?
The heart, the mind, different sources. It can be truths and half-truths or just saying words because they sound good. There is no right or wrong way…

Your music is also quite minimal instrumentally, yet at the same time it’s really powerful, “in your face” yet also soulful. Who are your biggest influences musically?
I can’t say, nothing direct. Everything you hear may influence you in some way.

In June, your mixtape Tape Two won the Scottish Album of the Year award. How did winning that award feel, and what do you think this recognition will do for you in the future? 
It felt good to have the focus being brought back onto something we are very proud of. It’s a positive thing, as with any award show, it helps put focus momentarily on the group and tour body of work. What came before Tape Two? Tape One and what came after Tape Two? The album Dead.

For that award, you were up against heavyweights Biffy Clyro. Do you see yourself elevating to their level of popularity one day in the near future?
We are not catering to a specific demographic. We make music for everyone. We want to be worldwide doing what we do and there’s no shame in it.

As an artist, you get to see many amazing places around the world. What are some of the best places you’ve had the opportunity to visit on tour? And why?
We are never in a place that long and if we happen to be, there isn’t too much time to go see the sights. So, personally I try and make a point of having a walk somewhere briefly and taking in the new environment. Prague has some amazing architecture, Louisiana, San Francisco and parts of LA were wonderful too.

Young Fathers’ 2014 album DEAD is out now.