6 Corporate Entertainment Tips On How To Organize An Event

If you are in charge of hosting a corporate event for your company, and it’s your first time, you probably have a lot of questions you need answers for. No matter how much you are looking forward to throwing a party that will make all of your guests happy, your enthusiasm won’t be enough to achieve this. Of course, taking an event planning course and some negotiation classes beforehand could come in handy on this occasion. However, chances are you may not have time for those. Here is how to successfully organize a corporate event in just a few simple steps.

  1. Determine the Essentials

Think about all the essential components you will need to plan a successful event and create a list of them. Make sure you include the venue, decoration, food, drinks, entertainment, guests’ accommodations, and possible means of transportation as well. After that, break the list into a couple of smaller sections to make it more manageable and transparent. One of the easiest ways to do this is using a spreadsheet to organize every task and also to tick them off once they are completed.

  1. Set Up a Budget

Regardless of the funds that are allocated for it, you can organize a memorable corporate party -as long as you stick to a reasonable budget. As a first step, you should set aside at least 10% of the funds for all the emergency costs that may occur during the planning. Having done that, you can gather some quotes for all the services you will need. Comparing quotes will help you eliminate significant expenses without sacrificing the service’s quality.

  1. Choose a Convenient Date

Setting a date is undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts of organizing an event. You will have to align with all the potential attendants’ schedules and pick a day that’s convenient for everyone. You should also look up all the other company events and ensure they don’t conflict with yours. Beyond this, you should aim to set on weekends, as this increases the chances of your guests being able to create time for your party. And of course, don’t forget to send your invitations to all guests well before the event so that people have time to adjust their calendars.

  1. Take Care of the Entertainment

When organizing a corporate event, your primary goal should be to make it unique enough, so all attendants will remember it. Team-building exercises, for example, are one of the best ways to engage your guests and help them create lasting relationships even outside the work environment. When it comes to the rest of the entertainment, it will be crucial for you to tailor it to everyone’s desires. The consultants behind https://www.greenlightbooking.com/ also recommend opting for quality entertainment, as this will further ensure the event’s success. Whether you hire a pro DJ, a live band, or some comedian, it’s important to choose artists capable of delivering an experience everyone will recall with fond memories.

  1. Find Suitable Catering Services

The presence of some delicious snacks and drinks can make any event more entertaining, which is why you will have to choose your catering services carefully. When doing this, you should always consider the venue and the number of guests that will attend the party. Whether you choose in-house or third-party catering, you should always ensure the company has a good reputation before hiring them. Ideally, a third-party caterer should have all the equipment, as well as sufficient manpower, to serve your guests with the best meals and as efficiently as possible.

  1. Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things won’t go as smoothly as you would want them. For this reason, it’s crucial to plan for every possibility, so you can adjust your plans even at the last minute if needed. For instance, you should never discard the possibility that the weather may change from the initial forecast, especially if you are hosting your event during the autumn or winter. In addition, you will have to stay on top of the logistics and travel arrangements at all times. This way,  if anything occurs, you will be able to make the necessary changes to accommodate your guests.

Corporate event management is about making the most of a social gathering by bringing people together in a memorable way on behalf of a company. Organizing an event like this may be easier than you think. Essentially, all it takes is seeing through every detail from start to finish, which can be a straightforward process – provided you do thorough research and planning beforehand. Feel free to use this article as a guide to step up your corporate event management game, so you can throw a party every attendee will enjoy.