A Band I Love – Beartooth, by Matt Parkitny of Hands Like Houses

For the fourth edition of A Band I Love, Hands Like Houses drummer Matt Parkitny has chosen to write about the Ohio hardcore punks in Beartooth! Read on to see what he had to say.

The band I chose is Beartooth. I got the opportunity to tour with the lads from Beartooth and they are super chill and nice to hang with, always willing to chat and hang, but always respectful and honest. As a touring musician I can say it’s something that don’t come across very often. They are such talented and genuine dudes. Their stage presence is energetic and spontaneous, every show changes but they are always so tight live. Much respect to all the guys on a solid album that is melodic, heavy and catchy. They are one band I think they will blow anyone’s socks off even if you’re not into their style. They are a band I would happily recommend to anyone.