A Band I Love – Felix Hagan & the Family, by Frank Turner

Today, All Things Loud has launched a brand new feature called A Band I Love, in which a musician writes a column about a new band that they love right now. For our first edition of A Band I Love, the fantastic Frank Turner has chosen to write about Felix Hagan & the Family.

On paper, I really shouldn’t be into Felix Hagan and the Family – I’m not really into musicals, and over-the-top theatricality in art doesn’t usually float my boat. A while back Felix sent me a link to their new video, I watched it, and it sent my usual musical opinions into mass confusion. I couldn’t figure out if I hated it or absolutely loved it. I went to see them play a while later (it was really bothering me) and was instantly converted by their live show into a life-long fan. They’re fantastic – over the top, in your face, but perfectly crafted, intelligent and subtle. I can’t recommend them enough.