A List Of The Most Popular Guitars And Why People Buy Them

Guitars are an essential part of all genres of music. Moreover, some people take it upon themselves to play guitar professionally or as a hobby. The following is a list of the most popular guitars in the world and why people buy them.

Fender Telecaster

This guitar is a product by Fender. Fender is one of the pioneer producers of guitars in the world. It made its debut in 1950 and underwent many developments to improve it. It can also be referred to as Esquire. It has humbucking pickups hence it produces a thick and chunky sound. The Fender telecaster is versatile and used to play different kinds of music like rock, jazz, heavy metal, and country music. It is the pick of most renowned jazz guitarists like Ted Greene and Ed Bickert.

Why Do People Buy It?

The fender telecaster is preferred by many because:

  • It is simple and elegant.
  • It gives a positive feeling of control.
  • It has a unique tone because it is made to produce a strong and distinct tone.
  • It possesses better tuning stability.
  • It is light.
  • It has a comfortable neck.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster is a favorite for most guitarists of all genres. It has single body pickups hence it sounds a little cutting and trembly. It was introduced in 1954 after its older cousin the Telecaster. It is also one of the key guitars of rock and roll music.  It is the most produced guitar sound in all genres of music in the world. It is probably more common because of the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 where Jimi Hendrix lit it up after a performance.  

Why Do People Buy Fender Stratocasters?

  • It has three pickups and a five-way switch. This makes it have more tonal options.
  • It is equipped with a tremolo
  • It is light because of its second body.
  • Easy adjustment on the volume because the volume knob is closer to the strings.
  • It has a more treble response due to its less wound bridge.
  • It is very comfortable to play.

Gibson Les Paul’s Standard

This one is among the most popular guitars in the world and most guitarists play it. Gibson Les Paul’s is also the most sought-after and imitated model. It leads to the production of rhythmic tones. Two notable players of this model are Jimmy Page and Garry More. Although most people complain about its weight, they buy it because:

  • It produces a great sound because it is made out of mahogany.
  • The curved maple top and the translucent finishing give it a good look.
  • It has humbuckers that improve the quality of sound.
  • Some people love its heavy feel and buy it for this reason.
  • It is versatile and can be used to play all genres of music.
  • Its design makes it durable.

Gibson ES-335

It was introduced in 1958 as a part of Gibson’s guitar collection. Its notable players are B.B King and Larry Carlton.  They not only play jazz as it is a common notion. With this guitar, you can be sure that will find the right instrument that suits you. They are very versatile and can play other genres of music. Although it is expensive, it is still preferred by many people. The following are reasons why people buy Gibson ES-335?

  • It has an amazing tone due to its hollowness.
  • It produces a diversity of rhythm.
  • It has acoustic properties.

Gibson SG Standard

It is an all-time best-selling guitar from the Gibsons. It was introduced in 1961 and was initially coined the new Les Paul. It had horn-shaped cutaways, with a neck joint that moved three frets. It was to resemble the Gibson SG Standard but lighter, slimmer, and slimmer. Due to issues with the contract, Paul’s name was removed and it was called SG to mean Solid Guitar. It has never been out of production since it was first invented. People love buying it because:

  • It can be easily used for soloing
  • Its tone is thick, powerful, and rich because of the PAF humbuckers.
  • It’s an amazing look, especially the cutaways that look like horns. 

Martin D-28 Re-Imagined

It is a guitar that has been relied upon by most notable guitarists like Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell. Martin D-28 RE-IMAGINED is one of the most excellent and convenient guitars to be produced. It has a very recognizable sound. Most guitarists dream of having it because of the following reasons:

  • It has a classy look with a unique Dreadnought shape.
  • It has a booming sound that can’t be compared to any other guitar.
  • The inclusion of Sitka Spruce makes sure that the fingerpicked notes are heard with exactness.

Gretsch White Falcon

This one is the most elegant-looking and costly guitar. The Gretsch White Falcon is not a child play affair it requires that you know your playing skills. It was first popularized by The Cult’s Billy Duffy. From then on, it became a music darling featuring in almost all genres including rock and blues. Most people buy it because:

  • It looks nice: it is white and accessorized with gold binding and golden Bigby. It is an ideal head turner and will always stand out.
  • It makes clear tones because of its Filter’Tron humbucking.
  • Chords produced by this guitar are nice and clear due to its hollow body.

Charvel Guitars

This is a green steel 80’s classic that is out to meet your musical needs. This is the brains behind Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker Pickups’ success. People buy it because:

  • It provides huge and loud sounds especially when put together with Adler’s body.
  • It is one of the amazingly looking guitars in the market.

Ibanez Prestige Series

This one specifically allows you to transition to high-level sounds. Reasons that make people buy it include:

  • Its body gives the guitarist a comfortable playing experience.
  • The aggressive tones are clear without the annoying noise and hum.
  • It allows for tonal variations because of its Fisherman Fluence Voicing Switch.

Music Man Valentine Electric Guitar

This is a guitar produced by Music Mn Artist Series. It is considered as the best purchase by people because of the following reasons:

  • The neck feels comfortable and smooth.
  • It produces various tones thanks to its Humbucker/ Single configuration.
  • It gives you the allowance to blend pickups as you desire because of its three-way pick-up selection.

In conclusion, purchasing guitars depends mostly on what someone prefers. Moreover, it depends on the purpose you would wish to perform with a guitar. Finally, different guitars are used together to produce desired tunes and sounds.