Enter Shikari. (c) Natasja de Vries

All Things Loud Launches Marketing Agency

All Things Loud is pleased to announce the launch of a marketing agency.

All Things Loud Marketing is a brand new division of the fast-expanding All Things Loud brand. Starting in the latter half of 2018, All Things Loud will be undergoing an organisational transition from media outlet to full-on entertainment brand, and the first step in this transition is the launch of a marketing branch which will operate on a global basis.

(c) Natasja de Vries
(c) Natasja de Vries

This new department is spearheaded by Jack Parker and Natasja de Vries, with the aim of providing high quality PR services for smaller emerging bands across the UK and mainland Europe. The first band we’re excited to work with are nu-metal outfit Frontstreet, for whom we will be running a promotional campaign in support of their brand new music video.

What does this mean for you, our readers, though? In short: absolutely nothing. The website is not going anywhere! All Things Loud will still run on a daily basis, with the actions undertaken by our marketing department having absolutely no impact on the general website. All Things Loud Marketing is an autonomous, wholly independent sub-division of the larger All Things Loud brand.

You can find more information on All Things Loud Marketing here. Should you wish to get in touch and work with us directly, then send us an email here to discuss potential projects. Follow our brand new marketing department on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.