Architects Discuss New Music

Metalcore outfit Architects have, one year on from the death of guitarist Tom Searle, discussed recording and releasing new music.

Speaking to Rock Sound backstage at Reading Festival, frontman Sam Carter and drummer Dan Searle spoke of their as-yet-untitled new studio album.

Carter said: “When we finished the last tour, that was when we knew the writing was really going to start taking shape. It’s been a lot of work but it seems to be flowing really naturally. It’s almost like now we have too much stuff. We now have to trim it back and work on each song individually. It’s really coming together.” 

Drummer Searle added the whole process was a lot of “pressure“. “The circumstances are unique and the attitude should be seeing as we have lost Tom is to make something half decent. We want to keep getting better but the odds are stacked against us. It almost sounds arrogant or deluded for me to say that we want to keep getting better but that is our ultimate goal” continued the sticksman.

Later on in the chat, Carter spoke of the band’s high standards, and that they wouldn’t make any new music had they not truly believed that it could trump 2016’s All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Searle concludes that “We’re not going to make any promises about when we are going to deliver the album”. Watch the full interview here.

Listen to A Match Made in Heaven below.