Are Underoath About to Return?

Words: Jack Parker

It’s been a while since Floridian rockers Underoath released any music, yet it seems like that’ll change soon. Today, the Christian metal band released a short, 15-second teaser titled RebirthIsComing, hinting at a possible (and more than likely) new release.

The teaser, which was published to Underoath’s Facebook account, features the aforementioned text in the foreground, with distorted music jabs and visual segments interspersed throughout. If all signs end up pointing in the right direction, it’ll mean that Underoath are going to release their first new music since 2010′s  Ø (Disambiguation). 

One eager fan took the liberty of analyzing the sounds heard in the teaser, with the results pointing to a reversed choral bridge from old track It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door. Recently, the band released a documentary and greatest hits collection which subsequently documented their final months as a band, before spliiting in 2013.

When we’ll hear new Underoath music remains to be seen, yet in the meantime you can listen to Reinventing Your Exit here.