Are You A Musician? Here’s How To Get More People To Listen To Your Songs

If you are a musician especially the one who is just starting then chances are you are having trouble getting more people to listen to songs. Even though this may be a common problem at first, building a fanbase is still quite important which is why we’ve come up with some of the best ways to get more people to listen to your work. If you are a musician stay tuned for all we have to say on the topic.

Social media

Being a musician doesn’t only revolve around creating good content and developing your style. It has a lot to do with getting your work noticed by establishing proper exposure. A great way to showcase your work and give other people an opportunity to notice it is through social media accounts. In the modern day, everybody has at least one social media account and you should do your best to figure out your fan base and which social media platforms they generally use. getting your work or at least kids of it will get people intrigued and you will have a better chance of getting your work noticed and listened to.  

Being an independent artist can be tough but nothing is stopping you from sharing your work online. However there could be a possible downside to this if your music is not copyright protected. Social media presence is critical for anyone trying to establish themselves and get the work recognized and listened to. Just ask anyone who is trying to get any kind of recognition, they will all tell you social media presence is a prerequisite to success and it shouldn’t be avoided at any cost.

Other ways to distribute music

More often the night independent artist and especially music artists just starting don’t have much control throughout their music careers. Being present on social media and trying to sneak gigs everywhere you can just to get your work noticed sometimes just doesn’t cut it. In addition to this, it can make getting more people to listen to a song a very slow process. It seems there is a very big gap between musicians that are first starting that have zero exposure and between popular ones who have it all.

This is why many startups have been created to fill in this cab and make it easier for independent artists to get more people to listen to their songs. As the creators of  note, Musicians face further heart shapes because Music corporations take very big chunks of their Revenue too.  For an artist who is just starting or is in the early stages of their career, this can be detrimental which is why my efforts have been made into creating startups that can offer music distributions for a small portion of royalties. These back channels so to speak have become a preferred choice among many independent artists.

Regular gigs

Another great way to get more people to listen to your songs is to perform them live. popular belief independent artists especially if they’re starting there don’t necessarily have to experience a lot of troubles getting shows. There are always at least small cafes or bars that are always looking for independent artists to play their music. From that point on you can even try to perform on a concert break before some bigger industry names. Depending on where you live there always come options just clubs where you can play your music for people to get them to listen to it. 

You can resort to playing on the streets, especially on busy streets just to get your work noticed.  Ultimately, once you have gathered a certain fanbase you may want to focus on getting your gig. Being persistent can get you places so be sure not to give up so easily and to seize every opportunity possible to show your work. Doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of effort to create and share your work until one more and more people get to listen to your songs and recognize the quality behind them.

When all is said and done, being present as much as possible on both social media and investing is very important for a position to get more people to listen to their songs. Ultimately there are new means to get your work out there such as startups that specialize in music distribution which have become a popular option in the modern-day. The reason they have become so popular on that they don’t take large chunks of musicians revenue as the music industry usually does while providing them with ample exposure at the same time.