Best Kept Secret 2015 – Five More Sets We’re Looking Forward To

Roughly one month ago, Best Kept Secret Festival unleashed the first load of artists set to play the festival this year. Headliners came in the shape of The Libertines, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Alt J, with further performances set from Royal Blood, The Vaccines, Future Islands, Wolf Alice and many more. Yesterday, a further twenty names were announced. Read on to find out the next five names who we can’t wait to see at Best Kept Secret 2015.

Psychedelic dreamers Temples certainly had an unbeatable 2014, a year which saw them release their stellar debut album Sun Structures and subsequently tour it the world over. After forming in 2013, the James Bagshaw-fronted quartet went from strength-to-strength as the crowds multiplied in size within mere months. 2015 will see the Kettering band take it easy as they get to work on their second studio album, although they’ll still be making some festival appearances this summer, hopefully premiering some new songs along the way. They last played Best Kept Secret in its inaugural year in 2013, and this year will see them sit a step higher on the bill. Catch Temples live at Best Kept Secret this year and you’ll leave the stage feeling like a changed man. We’re serious.

Picture: Jack Parker

Perhaps not being entirely suited to the Best Kept Secret demographic as they are to that of Jera on Air, “alternative math energy” quintet will be one of few bands set to absolutely tear the festival apart. Frontwoman Becca McIntyre is a fast and furious bundle of energy onstage, running back and forth across stage as her bandmates follow suit and embark on long, romantic trips into the sweaty crowd. Set staple Vibetech’s differing time signatures are enough to send your brain into meltdown as your limbs lose themselves in the pit, but it’s all worth it. Expect to see them in a small tent, which is the perfect setting for a band like Marmozets.

One Dutch band who are definitely enjoying their surge in popularity is the Suus de Groot-fronted sextet Sue the Night, who are currently embarking on an extensive Dutch club tour. This year will see them play the Best Kept Secret main stage, a massive step up for a band that didn’t even exist this time last year. Debut album Mosaic incorporated stripped back indie pop with bombastic vocals and hypnotic Instrumentalization, with recent single The Whale being one of 2015’s best tracks. They might not be a name that stands out to you instantly, but they’re certainly one watching before they get much bigger.

Picture: Jack Parker

Joining Marmozets on the extremely short list of “heavy” bands that should be at Jera on Air are the gentlemen in John Coffey, Holland’s best (and probably only) hardcore export. Recent album Great News, and its accompanying (chaotic) release show, proved their worth as an unstoppable force in Dutch hard rock. They’ll also be appearing at the legendary Pinkpop Festival this year, just one of many shows they’ll be playing this year. If Marmozets haven’t yet torn a hole in the tent, John Coffey will be there to finish off the job.

Returning 80’s shoegaze heroes Ride were all but set for Best Kept Secret this year when they announced a show at the Paradiso that same month, so their addition to the line-up has let fans breathe a huge sigh of relief. Ride are the kind of band who belong at Best Kept Secret, with the Andy Bell-fronted group set to play the same day as Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Andy Bell and Noel Gallagher used to play in Oasis together, but can we hope for any kind of reunion at Best Kept Secret this year? One can only hope, although the focus this year will predominantly be on the fact that Ride are back, and they aren’t planning on stopping.

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