Billie Joe Armstrong Launches Side Project – Is It Any Good?

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has appeared as the frontman on many side-projects. The Californian maestro struts his stuff with clear ease when it comes to playing in different bands and by doing so, he’s remarkably created stellar songs bound in sneer ridden attitude and composure. On the evidence of his new venture, there’s no slowing down the 45 year old. His new venture consists of fronting a new band called The Longshot, and this new act take genres and meld them together, maximising the sound and purposefully pushing the limits without sounding overly polished. Armstrong sings about ghost towns and a long lost valentine on Love Is For Losers, showcasing his knack for songwriting. He’s also truly on form, offering a new outlook, and seriously diverse guitar parts.

And with this song now out in the open, many fans may have wanted Green Day’s 2016 album Revolution Radio to sound like The Longshots’ material, as that record didn’t generate much appeal. It is an album of few hits, and it never hit any stride, meaning many were left bemused by the lack of quality. And although it was a misstep, Green Day are still one of the biggest bands on the planet. However, even they can falter. Love Is For Losers showcases formidable riffs. It also takes snippets from older song styles, and many who listened to music in the 70s will connect to it. Due to Armstrong taking the frontman position, Love Is For Losers will only gain more listeners. The song isn’t for the runaways like Jesus Of Suburbia was, and it isn’t a colossal masterstroke, but it shows diversity and progress.

Listen to a radio stream of Love is For Losers below.