BREAKING: Five Finger Death Punch Quit Show After 40 Minutes

Five Finger Death Punch have abruptly called off tonight’s show in Tilburg.

The Ivan Moody-fronted band took to the city’s 013 earlier tonight, although onstage arguments between band members ensured that their set lasted no longer than forty minutes, if you exclude the numerous extended breaks band members took between songs.

A friend of Moody joined the band as vocalist for the first two songs, meaning that the frontman himself didn’t emerge until the third song, during which he jumped into the crowd (above). With just over 45 minutes to spare, the band left the stage as 3,000 disgruntled fans waited patiently for a return that never came.

Moody described the night as possibly his last show with the band, although this has not been made clear by the band or any representatives.