You Can Now Only Listen to Good Charlotte In Front of a House

Recent developments uncovered by a member of the All Things Loud legal team show that American rock band Good Charlotte have gone the extra mile yet again. Only this time it seems like a step too far.

That’s because they’ve added a new clause to the terms and conditions attached to all purchasing and streaming of their music: you can now only listen to them while standing in front of a house. It’s a decision which will shock and surprise some, and upset those who can’t get themselves on the property ladder fast enough. The clause comes as MDDN, the team behind Good Charlotte, vow to regain as much control over the band as possible.

In now-deleted tweets, MDDN team member Josh Madden said: “If you do not know an artist personally, getting great audio quality through your headphones is impossible. It’s also hard to get a good WiFi signal anywhere else but [in] front of [a] house. Who wants to have their music listened to by someone who doesn’t know how to do it properly?”

He adds: “If you are in a band, I urge you to exercise your right to say how people listen to your music, when they do it, and most importantly where they do so. You have the right to manage your sound, and nobody should be able to pressure you and bend your arm with the threat of negative coverage. The only people who matter in this equation are the artists.”

This isn’t the first time Good Charlotte have expressed their love of houses. Just look at what they do to photographers. Whether or not fans will take this clause seriously remains to be seen. The rich and famous, huh?