Coldplay to Release New Album in December?

Coldplay are purported to be releasing a brand new studio album in December, titled A Head Full of Dreams. This week, a subtle advertisement on the London Underground was picked up on by eagle-eyed Coldplay fans, suggesting a December 4 release date.

Several Coldplay fans recently spotted a poster on the London Underground which depicted a colourful version of the Flower of Life symbol, which has also in the past been used by Bring Me the Horizon. The colourful logo matches a silver Flower of Life symbol which Chris Martin wore on his shirt during a recent Coldplay show at New York’s Global Citizen Festival.

The above picture was shared by Twitter-user Lee Thompson, who further claimed that the first single will either come out today (30 October), or next week Friday (6 November). Upon scrolling through the replies section, it’s already becoming evident that many comparisons have been drawn with Bring Me the Horizon’s album cover for 2013 release Sempiternal. It hasn’t been confirmed that Coldplay are behind this advertisement, found at Bakerloo station, but all the signs are currently pointing towards Chris Martin and co.

A Head Full of Dreams will be Coldplay’s 7th studio album, and you can listen to Amazing Day below.