Dance Gavin Dance Introduce Online Ballroom Classes

With news of their recent tour cancellation still fresh in the minds of thousands of disappointed fans, American rockers Dance Gavin Dance have come up with the perfect consolation. 

As of next week, the Tillian Pearson co-fronted band will offer fans online ballroom classes. Speaking of the decision, Pearson claimed that it “came out of love for our fans”

It’s always been important to us to ensure that our fans can remain as close to Dance Gavin Dance as possible, even when we’re being told to stay at home. That’s why we’re offering unique ballroom dancing classes so that our fans can keep, well, dancing” he continued to explain. 

Tickets for one of the band’s pre-recorded online dance classes will set you back $150. If you want to learn a more intermediate level latin dance, you’ll have to fork out $200. These prices don’t include a Skype meet & greet with one randomly selected band member. 

Dance Gavin Dance’s new album Afterburner is out now.