David Bowie to Release New Album in January

Living legend David Bowie looks set to be releasing a brand new studio album next January. The record, supposedly titled Blackstar, will be the follow-up to 2013′s surprise comeback album The Next Day.

According to sources close to Bowie, the album will span seven songs and was recorded at New York’s Magic Shop. Local jazz musicians helped Bowie during the recording process, with lead single Blackstar coming out on 19 November.

Bowie recently composed a theme tune for the UK crime show The Last Panthers, with elements of this song also present on the upcoming single release. The full version of the song is said to last 10 minutes, and Bowie is refusing to release a radio edit. According to The Times, the album also includes “Gregorian chants, a soul section, various electronic beats and bleeps and Bowie’s distinctive vocals”.

Blackstar is set to be released on 8 January 2016, which is also Bowie’s 69th birthday. Watch the video for classic Bowie track Heroes below.