Donny Benét’s Picks of 2023

2023 has been an exciting year for me! There’s been so much going on, mainly behind the scenes – finishing off my upcoming record Infinite Desires, taking my band on tour to North America for the first time, starting my own record label Donnyland Recordsand planning my return to Europe in 2024 to tour the new record.

I have missed travelling throughout Europe by train, where I would normally have mammoth new music listening sessions, but nonetheless there still have been some nice musical discoveries and appreciations of old friends.

Here are a few of my picks that I enjoyed in 2023 – I hope you do too!



Champaign – I’m On Fire

After going down an Isley Brothers rabbit hole back in 2020, this track was a very tasty recommendation via the algorithm. Exquisitely recorded and produced, I love the space created by the rhythm section and the beautiful guitar melodies. A real smooth mood all around!

The WhispersIt’s a Love Thing

Whilst doing the dishes each night I’ve gotten into a great habit of chucking on the headphones, picking a track I love, and letting the algorithm take over. This was a great discovery for me and being a big Leon Sylvers fan it really hit the spot. Great bass, fantastic arrangement and such a good vibe – love it!

Larry HeardCan You Feel It

Heading down the road of doing the “Club Mix” for some of the upcoming new album tracks, I wanted to taste some different treats that would be “new” for me. I haven’t fully gone down the Chicago house rabbit hole as yet, but I can’t wait to!

Laszlo BenckerFunction Key

Another dish washing discovery, this album reminds me of what a jazz pianist in the late 80’s would record on their home studio midi rig. Sonically, emotive and funky, this record has become one of my new favourites.

Leon Ware Slippin’ Away

I always try to do my best to stay in shape. It’s hard but that bit of motivation always helps! I made myself a smooth 40+ yr old sad dad jogging playlist this year and this track really helps me push myself that extra kilometre! Featuring a who’s who of 80’s LA session musicians, this track is smoother than the top of many bald dad’s heads. And… if you want that jogging playlist drop me a line 😉