EP Review: Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

Earlier this week, Foo Fighters dropped a surprise EP which was subsequently dedicated to victims of the recent Paris attacks. New contributor Mark McConville has checked out Saint Cecilia’s five-tracks, and you can read his opinion after the jump.

The Foo Fighters are pioneers of rock music, and they’re renowned for their sheer affability. The American act have came out from the darkness and released a surprise EP called Saint Cecilia, which is a tribute to the victims of the recent Paris attacks. Leading man Dave Grohl and his powerhouse band certainly know how to use their talents as a source of peace.

Saint Cecilia isn’t much different from past records. It is a fantastic listen, with blended instrumentals and empowering vocal work. But, if you’re looking for a newly optimised sound, then this EP isn’t for you. If you’re a Foo Fighters fanatic then it will please your swollen, joy drenched heart.

The EP starts with Saint Cecilia. Grohl’s voice starts proceedings and it follows on with the simple guitar riff seeping through. The song describes broken homes and disenchantment, with a solo near the end showcasing diversity. Saviour Breath is rough and raw, taking the sound beyond normality. Grohl’s throat must ache here, as he pushes it to its limits. The guitar arrangements are also interesting on Saint Cecilia, with The Neverending Sigh beginning on a great guitar lick that evolves graciously. Grohl spits his grievances, and his poetry develops throughout the track.

The Foo’s have dedicated this EP to the fallen, and it’s a great, tight record that showcases great musical ability from seasoned pros.

Listen to Saint Cecilia below. You can also donate to victims of the Paris attacks through this link.