Eurosonic 2024: 7 Tips For A Cold ESNS

Almost as if it was meant to be, just one day before Groningen opens its doors to the European music industry, the heavens decide to open their doors to a boatload of snow. Because it wouldn’t be Eurosonic Noorderslag without some slippery ice, right?! Over the course of the next few days, the continent’s best new artists will showcase themselves in front of thousands of industry professionals. We’ve lined up seven of this year’s most intriguing performances, which we urge you to check out if you’ve made the trek up to the cold Dutch north.

NÉOMI (Wednesday, 22:50 @ Lutherse Kerk)

C’EST KARMA (Thursday, 20:10 @ Vera)

PEARL & THE OYSTERS (Thursday, 22:50 @ WeNutButter)

LAMBRINI GIRLS (Thursday, 01:30 @ Huize Maas)

THALA (Friday, 20:10 @ Vera)

UNIVERSITY (Friday, 22:45 @ Vera)

MARTA DEL GRANDI (Friday, 22:50 @ Lutherse Kerk)