Four Acts You Need to Check Out at Crossing Border Festival

As November approaches, the Dutch city of Den Haag slowly but surely transforms itself into a literary and musical walhalla fit for visitors from all walks of life. We can only be talking about one thing, and that’s the annual Crossing Border Festival. This year, the multi-disciplinary event will celebrate its 25th anniversary in and around The Hague’s various exciting cultural outposts. We’ve scoured the musical half of the line-up and picked out four acts who you definitely can’t miss out on this year. And the reasons for each respective choice? Let’s just say that we’ll let the music do the talking.

For fans of: stadium rock, grandeur, anthems

For fans of: jangly garage rock, Savages, post-punk

For fans of: the classic “singer-songwriter”, Fink, floating away within the confines of your own daydreams

For fans of: lyrical poetry, Father John Misty, beards

Crossing Border Festival takes place in and around Den Haag from 2-4 November. Get your tickets here.