Four Dutch Artists You Can’t Miss at Lowlands

When it comes to the case of massive festivals, you often start to think about all the huge international artists appearing across all stages, thus forgetting about all the local talent that helps lay a weekenders building blocks. Lowlands, thankfully, is a festival which places lots of emphasis on good, Dutch talent. With the festival only four days away, we take a look at the best that Dutch music has to offer in Biddinghuizen this weekend. Read on for more.

JACCO GARDNER (Heineken Stage, Saturday, 13:00-14:00)
Dutch baroque-pop maestro Jacco Gardner is no stranger to the big stages of Biddinghuizen, having last appeared on the Heineken Stage (then the Grolsch Stage) back in 2013, just after the release of debut album Cabinet of Curiosities. Now, with a rejuvenated live band behind him, the long-haired musician is touring sophomore record Hypnophobia around the world. Its vintage sound and retro vibes are a perfect combination on record as well as on the stage, making his Lowlands set all the more anticipatory. Gardner is spearheading the Dutch psych revolution, and he’s going to take the whole world with him.

THE MYSTERONS (India Stage, Saturday, 12:40-14:20)
One band who are still far from the heights of Gardner and co. is Amsterdam quintet The Mysterons. Comprising of members of PAUW and Jungle by Night (as well as vocalist Josephine van Schaik), the band combine elements of world music, 70s psychedelic rock and afro funk to produce a sickly sweet end product. The groove-laden Thunderbird 1’s brassy synths and Echoes’ catchy chorus are just what you need to nurse the hangover you acquired during Four Tet the night before. Catch these guys before they get big, because that’s a certainty.

THE INDIEN (X Ray Stage, Friday, 13:30-14:15)
Den Haag-based quartet The Indien may be born and bred Dutch, but their debut EP Cologne was recorded over ten months in, well, Cologne. Vocalist/organist Rianne Walther’s sweet-yet-gritty vocals perfectly complement the rest of her band’s soulful instrumentation and powerful rhythms. Bassist Janneke Nijhuis (who currently plays in three successful bands, amongst them The Deaf) is a force to be reckoned with onstage, with her strong basslines paired nicely alongside drummer Maarten Hemmen and guitarist Casper Talsma. If you’re up for a bit of a song and dance to open your weekend, then The Indien is the place to be.

PAUW (X Ray Stage, Sunday, 13:00-13:45)
They always say that the X Ray Stage is where all the best discoveries are made, and that couldn’t be nearer to the truth with PAUW. The Dutch psychedelic quartet (whose vocalist Brian Pots also plays with The Mysterons) spent 2014 performing with the likes of Temples and Kasabian, as well as being the most booked band on Holland’s travelling Popronde Tour. They haven’t put out an album yet, although that hasn’t stopped the hype from rising stratospherically over the last six months. Recent single Shambhala was hailed by Dutch media outlets far and wide, with 3voor12 crowning it as their single of the week. PAUW’s performance at Lowlands may well be the start of something very, very special.

There’s far more local talent on show than just these four names, though. Elsewhere on the line-up you’ll find Dutch giants Chef’Special and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig tearing up the Alpha (Friday & Saturday, respectively), newcomers Rondé making the India jump (Saturday) and a whole slew of nightlife careering each day into a cataclysmic end (see De Sluwe Vos, Palmbomen II and Dollkraut).

Lowlands takes place this weekend (21-23 August) at Evenemententerrein Walibi World. There are still tickets available from!