Funeral For a Friend Announce Split

Welsh hardcore outfit Funeral For a Friend have announced plans to split next year. The quartet will perform in 13 cities across the US and Europe, playing two special shows in each one next April.

The band confirmed their split today (14 September) by means of a lengthy Facebook post which outlined their final plans. The last we’ll ever hear from the quartet will be early next year, when the band perform one final tour across February, March and April. The tour, entitled Last Chance to Dance, will take in 13 cities across the US and Europe, with two shows taking place in each one. During the first night, the band will peform 2005′s Hours in full, before performing 2003 debut Casually Dressed & in Deep Conversation the next night. You can read the full post announcing their split here. Below you’ll also find an extract concering the split:

When we started this band the only hope and aspirations we had was to write music that we loved, play some shows and maybe make a record…we’ve surpassed that in so many ways, achieving three gold records along the way. It’s grown to be a huge part of our lives but like the saying goes all good things must end and we’ve come to the end of the line. We’ve had many curveballs thrown at us over the last fifteen years, some we’ve managed to avoid and others that quite nearly derailed us but we’ve always said to each other that when it’s time for this to end then we end it on our own terms, no one else’s. So there we go, one chapter closes and another opens and life goes on.”

Listen to Funeral For a Friend’s Roses for the Dead below.