WATCH: Ghost Tease the Unveiling of New Papa Emeritus

Swedish metal constituents Ghost have teased the unveiling of their brand new leader.

In a trailer posted to Facebook, the band’s frail overlord Papa Emeritus 0 is seen in conversation with a nun. With an oxygen mask to his mouth, she encourages him to pump “new blood” into the band, whose Papa Emeritus III was cast away last year, something which is a standard practice for the Swedes.

The video, which you can watch above, is cut off abruptly when Emeritus’ latest incarnation – Papa Emeritus IV – comes into view behind an obscured, rose-tinted window, leaving plenty to the imagination for fans and worshippers.

The timing of this video – at Easter, of course… – should come as no surprise to Ghost fans, with a new album from the hard rockers due this year. Most recent album Meliora dates back to 2015, with the Square Hammer EP and a live album following last year.