Good Charlotte, performing at Nova Rock in 2017. There were no restrictions for this performance. (c) Natasja de Vries

Good Charlotte Hint at New Album, Actual Pain

Good Charlotte have been busy teasing the release of a rumoured new album, which some have suggested will be called Actual Pain.

In short clips posted to Instagram, the band have taken artwork by Kenny G, Garth Brooks and Celine Dion and edited them to depict each artist with a skeletal face. The phrase Actual Pain features in each instance, covering the initial artwork in neon green letters. Check them out below.

It follows on from posts last week which saw the band do the same to nine pictures of themselves, some old and some new. An additional post was also captioned “See you soon…”, hinting towards an announcement in the coming weeks.

Whether or not this ongoing teasing relates to an album called Actual Pain, an acoustic collection or (at a long shot) a covers EP remains to be seen, so keep an eye out on the band’s Instagram page for the latest. Good Charlotte’s most recent studio album, Youth Authority, dates back to July 2016.