Grimes: “There are more diss tracks on my new album”

Experimental pop musician Grimes has claimed that her upcoming October record will be “less sad” compared to 2012′s Visions. The album, which has been almost 3 years in the making, looks set to be a far cry from Grimes’ (real name Claire Boucher) previous output.

In an interview with Fader magazine, Boucher discussed various songs from the new album and further elaborated on the whole process. The as-yet-untitled record is set to be “more happy and angry”, in comparison to her “sad” earlier albums.

There are also set to be “more diss tracks” on this album compared to previous ones, with Boucher discussing one track in particular. The song, also untitled, is about “a guy who acts like he knows everything and then comes back crawling on his knees, which has happened to me so many times“. She further told Fader that this record comes at a point in her life where she is “completely in control”. “I live in my own house that I paid for, and I bought all the equipment myself”, she said.

The currently untitled record is slated for an October release. Listen to Grimes’ Genesis below.

Picture: SMH Imaging / Oh No They Didn’t! Read the full Fader story, titled Grimes in Realityhere.