Suicidal Tendencies

In Pictures: The People of Graspop 2017

Graspop Metal Meeting celebrated its 22nd anniversary last weekend with weather conditions far-removed from the usual rain-trodden and muddy experience this Dessel bash tends to become. Sun and blue sky were ever-present as Rammstein, Evanescence, Deep Purple and The Scorpions all topped the bill for their first ever Graspop experiences. We sent Dewi Mik down to check the whole thing out, and she returned with an eye-catching photo series which focuses on one thing in particular: you, the Graspop visitor.

20170617_graspopATL_22 20170617_graspopATL_33 20170617_graspopATL_34 20170617_graspopATL_35 20170617_graspopATL_36 20170616_graspopATL_01 20170616_graspopATL_02 20170616_graspopATL_03 20170616_graspopATL_04 20170616_graspopATL_05 20170616_graspopATL_06 20170616_graspopATL_07 20170616_graspopATL_08 20170616_graspopATL_32 20170617_graspopATL_09 20170617_graspopATL_10 20170617_graspopATL_11 20170617_graspopATL_12 20170617_graspopATL_13 20170617_graspopATL_14 20170617_graspopATL_15 20170617_graspopATL_16 20170617_graspopATL_17 20170617_graspopATL_18 20170617_graspopATL_19 20170617_graspopATL_20 20170617_graspopATL_21 20170618_graspopATL_29 20170618_graspopATL_30 20170618_graspopATL_33 20170618_graspopATL_23 20170618_graspopATL_24 20170618_graspopATL_25 20170618_graspopATL_26 20170618_graspopATL_27 20170618_graspopATL_28 20170618_graspopbandsATL_06

Graspop Metal Meeting wil return in June 2018 for its 23rd edition.