In Picures: FortaRock @ Goffertpark, Nijmegen – Day 1, 4.6.16

Despite terrible weather conditions having led Rock am Ring to the end of the road yesterday, some weekenders have managed to slip through the thundery cracks unharmed. Following a disappointing edition last year, FortaRock (Holland’s premier metal festival) has returned bigger and better than ever, spreading out across two days within the safe confines of Nijmegen’s Goffertpark. Get your leather jackets ready and pour yourself a Lemmy, because Dewi Mik has headed to Nijmegen to present us with the following shots of Forta’s opening day.

20160604_forta-avatar_02 20160604_forta-avatar_03 20160604_forta-avatar_04 20160604_forta-avatar_05 20160604_forta-avatar_06

20160604_forta-gojira_01 20160604_forta-gojira_02 20160604_forta-gojira_03 20160604_forta-gojira_04


20160604_forta-heidevolk_01 20160604_forta-heidevolk_02 20160604_forta-heidevolk_03 20160604_forta-heidevolk_04 20160604_forta-heidevolk_05 20160604_forta-heidevolk_06


20160604_forta-wt_01 20160604_forta-wt_02 20160604_forta-wt_03 20160604_forta-wt_04 20160604_forta-wt_05 20160604_forta-wt_06 20160604_forta-wt_07 20160604_forta-wt_08 20160604_forta-wt_09

FortaRock continues today with performances from Volbeat, Megadeth, Architects and Disturbed.