Inside Ralph Curtis’ Man You Want Me To Be

Ralph Curtis lives and breathes consistency. Since debuting in 2020, the Connecticut musician has put out three singles independently. This latest offering – Man You Want Me To Be – was recorded in Cape Coral and sees Floridian artist Hunter McDaniel (piano) team up with Curtis alongside mixing from Caleb Neff and mastering from Tony Eichler.

This five-minute Pop-Country ballad serves as a groundbreaking milestone in RC’s music endeavours as it displays his growth and maturity not only as an artist but also as a person. Featuring profound and ear-catching harmonies, “Man You Want Me To Be” takes the listeners on a path into deep reflection. He shares, “Man You Want Me To Be” is about the genuine nature of what defines a ‘good man.’ It encompasses all the ideals and morals I believe in and being the best version of oneself.”

Man You Want Me To Be’s memorable melody is as reflective as it is catchy, with the accompanying lyrics seeing Curtis question what it means to be a ‘good man’. The vocals are captivating, and with this single Curtis hopes to raise the bar for both him and independent country music. Check it out below.