Introducing Clint Maedgen’s Sandra Already Knows

Clint Maedgen‘s artistic career spans some 25 years, and it’s often been regarded as a wild exploration of musical wonder. His path as an artist has seen him share the healing powers of music with the world, believing that art is the ultimate healing force. Aside from music, Maedgen is also a photographer, filmmaker and textile artist. His experience spans some two decades, including work with the likes of his former band Liquidrone and the successful New Orleans Bingo! Show. The latter even toured with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band throughout 2007 and 2008.

Maedgen’s music has always been about “understanding the chaos in our world“, and his latest single rings true to this claim as well. The powerful vocals and addicting riffs on Sandra Already Knows are dedicated to one of the members of Patreon Panda Family, and it is a sure hit. Tif Lamson features on drums and background vocals, with and Rick Nelson on bass. This song thus is the continuation of Maedgen’s attempt to perceive the world around us through catchy tunes and thought provoking lyrics. Listen to Sandra Already Knows below.