Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix Mourn on Dead Summer

Los Angeles-based pop-punk musician Levi Zadoff and Ottawa punk newcomer Dead Hendrix releases a five-track mourning story set to infectious sounds with their conceptual and honest album entitled “Dead Summer.” Explosive and relentless in its delivery, the EP tells the story of the symbolic death of summer during not only the COVID lockdown but also the loss of friends and family due to the virus and drug abuse exacerbated by the global pandemic.

Using the pandemic as creative fuel, “Dead Summer” transforms the feelings of loss into hypnotic melodies and delivers relatable songwriting, compelling angst-fuelled vocal performances, infectious hooks, catchy melodies, and excellent musicianship. The project is a creative and innovative way to use sound and lyrics as a storytelling agent to describe the summers during COVID. The duo states, “When we say The summer was dead, we mean it in two ways: 1. The literal death, 2. The fact everything was shut down, and ‘dead’ if you will. We both kind of figured, this would be a good metaphor, and a creative topic to create music around.” Through the collaboration with burgeoning producers IOF (Future, Paris Shadows), Yago Beats, SPLASHGVNG (Lil Peep, Sewerperson), and Imani Beats, the duo bring their acclaimed signature punk fusion sound, with its experimental pop-punk and rap-rock sensibilities to life with “Dead Summer.”

Fans and critics will give their undivided attention to the EP from start to finish, drawn by the raw emotions depicted through songs such as the sarcastic opener titled “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better.” Additional tracks include the introspective “Alone,” revealing Hendrix and Zadoff’s sad story of loneliness and confusion from two opposite perspectives, to “Can’t Be God,” where both artists accept that they can’t control every aspect of their lives. Adding fire to the fuel, “Love Game” shows the vulnerability and struggle of being trapped in our heads drenched in multiple emotions. Speaking about the inspiration behind the “Dead Summer,” Levi Zadoff reveals, “This project means the world to me, it was extremely fun to create and a pain in the ass to release, but most importantly, it’s probably the most authentic yet experimental piece of work I’ve ever been a part of making,” with Dead Hendrix adding, “This is the closest thing (so far) to my musical aspirations coming to life. It’s the perfect blend of melody, edge, counterculture, and relevance that I want to make. I think with Levi; I am finally making the music I have envisioned since I was 13.”

“Dead Summer” is Dead Hendrix’s first debut project released and the much-anticipated return of Levi Zadoff since the phenomenon of his Soundcloud release in 2018 and two projects on Spotify. The five-track EP offers an emotionally infused, sound-driven journey through the summers of COVID holding listeners’ attention from start to finish.

To stream and purchase “Dead Summer,” click here. To learn more about Levi Zadoff, visit his Instagram and website. To learn more about Dead Hendrix, visit his Instagram or Twitter.