LISTEN: Kanye West Divides Opinion on Two Brand New Singles

Kanye West has delivered the goods once again, dividing millions in the process and sending the internet into a debate-laden frenzy.

The elusive and obnoxious rapper-slash-public figure has returned with two brand new songs taken from new studio album LOVE EVERYONE, his first full release since 2016’s The Life of Pablo. The record is due on 1 June, with it serving as one of the two projects which West will work on this year. The other is with Kid Cudi, and that’s due 8 June.

Lift Yourself and Ye vs the People are the first pieces of new music to be taken from the aforementioned new album, with their sonic constructions and lyrical perspectives once again dividing opinion on West heavily. The former track – above – is packed with samples, before a free-flowing ‘verse’ from Kanye at the end makes us wonder if he’s quite alright (“Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop/ Poop-di-scoopty/ Scoopty-whoop”).

The latter track (above), on the other hand, is a collaboration with T.I. which subsequently serves as a full-blown conversation regarding the public’s perspectives on Kanye, as well as his personal and political opinions. You may recall West sporting a Make America Great Again cap last week. Lyrics on the second new track include: “Y’all be leading with hate, see I just approach it different / Like a gang truce / Like the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand.

West has been extremely unpredictable and sporadic of late (as per usual), so chances are that the general public will get to hear more new music as and when it comes. The course that new album LOVE EVERYONE will take is thus also something nobody can be certain of until it drops on 1 June.