LIVE: De La Soul, Public Enemy & Wu-Tang Clan Bring the Nostalgia to Amsterdam

De La Soul, Public Enemy and Wu-Tang Clan all sharing one stage can only mean one thing, but what? A bona fide nostalgic trip, of course. The three legendary rap and hip hop groups are currently on the campaign trail across Europe and the UK as part of their mammoth Gods of Rap tour, stopping off at a jam-packed Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam last night. The absence of Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man and Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav did nothing to dampen the spirits of 17,000 nostalgic fans, all of whom revelled in the fact that each group brought their absolute A-game to the table. With De La Soul celebrating 30 years of legendary album 3 Feet High and Rising, Public Enemy marking 30 years of It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Wu-Tang Clan celebrating a quarter century of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Amsterdam witnessed a no-holds-barred night to remember. Marc Prodanovic captured proceedings. DJ Premier joined.


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