At the weekend, Chinese hip hop outfit Higher Brothers stopped off at the Melkweg in Amsterdam for a high octane night in front of rabid fans. Marc Prodanovic checked it out.20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(11) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(12) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(13) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(5) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(9) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(1) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(10) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(6) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(4) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(3) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(7) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(2) 20190914_2100_Higher Brothers(8)