LIVE: Impericon’s Never Say Die! @ Dynamo, Eindhoven

Last night, Impericon’s Never Say Die! festival stopped off at the Dynamo in Eindhoven for a powerful night of metalcore, deathcore and post-hardcore. Being As An Ocean and Northlane topped the bill, with the likes of Thousand Below, Currents, Polar, Casey and Alazka also appearing. Liza van de Ven checked it out.


DSC_0953-1 ATL thousand below DSC_0922-1 ATL Thousand below DSC_0843-1 atl thousand below


DSC_0885-1 atl currents


DSC_1118-1 atl Polar DSC_1106-1 atl polar DSC_1073-1 atl polar

CASEYDSC_1458-1 atl Casey DSC_1409-1 atl casey DSC_1364-1 atl casey DSC_1350-1 atl casey DSC_1338-1 atl casey DSC_1304-1 atl casey DSC_1255-1 atl casey

ALAZKADSC_1686-1 atl alazka DSC_1625-1 atl alazka DSC_1556-1 atl alazka DSC_1486-1 atl alazka DSC_1478-1 atl alazka


DSC_2338-1 atl Northlan DSC_2330-1 atl northlane DSC_2231-1 atl northlane DSC_2195-1 atl northlane DSC_2131-1 atl northlane DSC_1996-1 atl northlane DSC_1939-1 atl northlane DSC_1909-1 atl Northlane

Note: On the day of the show, Being As An Ocean requested no photography during their set.