LIVE: Marmozets & Charlie and the Lesbians @ 013, Tilburg

What do you do when you’re out there on stage and your kick drum suddenly rips open? Fix it, of course. But how do you pass the time when there’s a sold-out crowd of 750 pit-ready revellers staring at you while you fix said kick drum? By engaging in some good old crowd interaction and getting someone up to play Wonderwall, of course. That’s exactly what happened to Bingley’s Marmozets last night when an unfortunate broken kick drum required a solid ten minutes of attention. Thankfully for them, there was a fan on hand ready to knock out some good old Gallagher tunes before the madness resumed. Marmozets are the kind of band who you need to see live to really get, and during their biggest Dutch headline show to date at Tilburg’s 013 they proved that they’re way more than just a hype band or two-trick pony. Charlie and the Lesbians joined, and Jack Parker checked it out.


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