Lowlands 2016. (c) Jack Parker

Lowlands Festival: Three Unmissable Sets

It’s now just a mere three days to go until Lowlands Festival well and truly kicks off its 25th anniversary edition. In and amongst the bucketloads of things you can get up to, there are very clearly a small selection if things you couldn’t miss out on even if your house was on fire. We’ve scoured the line-up once more to pick out three sets which you just cannot miss.

NOTHING BUT THIEVES (Friday, 14:15-15:15, Alpha)
Question: have you ever seen a band live with so much onstage energy and prowess that they had no other destiny other than to be headlining stadiums in the future? Probably not, but once you catch Nothing But Thieves’ set opening the Lowlands main stage on Friday you’re sure to have your mind changed for the better. Conor Mason and co. are no stranger to these pages, having formed a part of our coverage ever since they emerged onto the scene in 2014. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though, because Mason and his bandmates are an absolutely unstoppable force. Sophomore album Broken Machine has already presented itself to be a contender for Album of the Year, with the band presenting it on Lowlands’ biggest stages two years after they absolutely crushed the now-absent Charlie stage. Don’t be stupid, and don’t miss out on this band.

FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES (Saturday, 20:00-21:00, India)
Last year, hellraiser Frank Carter and his band The Rattlesnakes unfortunately had to pull out of their set at Lowlands due to health reasons. See that as a prime reason as to why Carter will give it 200% on Saturday as he attempts to tear the India stage a new asshole. It won’t be easy (Dutch crowds are, on their best day, a tough one to please), but it’ll certainly be gritty, sweaty and manic; three things you’ll come to expect over the course of Carter’s hour-long missive. What better way to spend your Saturday evening than getting stuck in and amongst the masses as if your life depended on it? That’s right, nothing.

AT THE DRIVE-IN (Sunday, 16:45-17:45, Bravo)
Need we say more? No, just get stuck in.

Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of our countdown.