Meet Can’t Swim, Your New Favourite Band

Let’s get one thing settled first and foremost: you’ve never heard of Can’t Swim, but soon you’re not going to get away from them. The New Jersey quartet have only got one track to their name so far, with a debut EP on the way next February through Pure Noise Records. Read on as we introduce you to your new favourite band.

“There’s something I’m afraid to hide” sings Can’t Swim vocalist Chris “Krier” Loporto on debut track Your Clothes, which is an effortlessly smooth combination of heavy punk and subtle indie.

Based in Keansburg New Jersey, Can’t Swim was founded by Krier in the spring of 2015. After spending most of his life playing drums in various bands, Krier decided to switch his focus towards songwriting. The songs, contagious from the start, grabbed the attention of his good friends Chez, Danny and Greg, who would eventually round up the line-up.


In a press release, Krier said the following:

I never really pictured myself being a singer or a songwriter, it was just something I started doing recently to pass the time. I was sending demos to friends (who later became members of the band) just to bounce ideas off them and get their opinion on different parts of the songs. After they got involved, it started to feel real and not just something I was doing in my bedroom. Shortly after that, the guys over at Pure Noise heard the songs and wanted to be apart of it. From the first conversation we had with them, everything just feels right. It’s a great fit”.

2016 will be a massive year for the band, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Can’t Swim’s debut EP, Death Deserves a Name, comes out on February 26 via Pure Noise Records. You can listen to debut track Your Clothes below.