Metallica Release St. Anger Snare Drum Preset

Have you always wanted to replicate Lars Ulrich’s ICONIC snare drum sound from the massive St. Anger album (often considered Metallica’s best)? Then look no further, because the official St. Anger Snare Drum Preset is here!

Often considered a masterpiece in snare production, Metallica’s eighth studio album is often considered a benchmark album in world of snare drum sound, and it isn’t hard to hear why. Just look at those tones!

There’s been many unofficial versions of Lars Ulrich’s perfect snare sound floating around the Internet, but now the digital metal trendsetters have wiped out the competition by embracing the world of snare presets with this hands-on approach.

Note: this preset is only for the snare drum. Head to Metallica’s official website to become the drummer you always aspired to become…