Motel Mozaique Festival 2014 – Who should you go see?

Later this week, a truly international selection of musicians, artists, dancer’s and the like will be taking to the stage in various venues around the centre of Dutch city Rotterdam, as part of Motel Mozaique Festival 2014. All Things Loud will be there on the Friday to bring you coverage of the festival, and here are 3 the acts we seriously recommend you check out…

Psychedelic rock quartet Temples are set to bring their explosive Top 10 debut album Sun Structures to Rotterdam on the first night of the festival, with an hour-long set just after midnight at the Gouvernestraat venue.

Who? James Bagshaw (Vocals, Guitar), Thomas Warmsley (Bass, Vocals), Sam Toms (Drums), Adam Smith (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals)

Why? Temples are truly one of the most exciting bands around today, with their modern psychedelic rock slowly setting the world on fire. From a Temples show you can expect plenty of nostalgic, 70s psychedelic anthems combined with dreamy keyboards, fuzzy guitars and hazy vocals. If there’s one band you’ve got to check out, it’s Temples.

Key Song: The Golden Throne

Funk? Check. Grooves? Check. R’n’B? Check. It’s all present in a Jungle show. This mysterious funk collective bring together elements from various genres to produce exhilaratingly wonderful music. Their debut album is set to be released this summer, and on Friday night they’re performing a set at the Gouvernestraat venue at 22:30.

Who? A collective of 7 talented musicians, fronted by mysteriously unnamed frontmen J and T.

Why? Not only are Jungle bringing authentic and genuinely fantastic funk to the table, yet they’re also paving the way for a new generation of genre-boundary breaking acts. The air of mystery that they bring is also extremely exciting, making their instantly danceable music even more worth checking out. If you’re going to watch Jungle, do it now, before they get big!

Key Song: Busy Earnin’

This Leeds quintet couldn’t be any more different to Temples and Jungle. On Friday, they bring their post-punk/hardcore to the city’s Rotown for a dead-on midnight set.

Who? George Mitchell (Vocals), Mark Goldsworthy (Guitar), Henry Ruddel (Drums), Liam Matthews (Guitar), Tom Kelly (Bass)

Why? Eagulls’ raw energy and powerful songs make them a live force to be reckoned with. Fronted by George Mitchell’s shouted vocals, songs like Possessed and Nerve Endings are what have made them an extremely sought after band.  Although not the most musically on-point, the tension and anger that their angst ridden songs bring makes them extremely worth experiencing.

Key Song: Possessed

So there you have it! Motel Mozaique is one of the most diverse festivals in the Netherlands, making it nigh-on impossible to see everything. That’s why we also recommend you check out the line-up before deciding on who to see and what to do, as there’s plenty on offer (such as sets from Kurt Vile, Wild Beasts, Gardens & Villa and Quilt on the Friday, as well as Thumpers, George Ezra and Howler on the Saturday!)