Muse Give Update on New Album

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has offered an update on the state of the band’s upcoming eighth studio album.

The Teignmouth trio are expected to share the follow-up to 2015’s conceptual Drones at some point this year, with Bellamy recently spilling the beans in an interview with The Woody Show.

Speaking to the show, Bellamy said: “We’re getting halfway through the album. Thought Contagion  is the second song we finished on the album, and we’ve got four or five now that we’ve done. We’re gonna get the album done by the summer I’d say, so we’re hoping that’s gonna come out maybe in the fall or winter. But yeah, we’re doing like a few songs ahead of that which will be on the album.

The band recently put out gloomy new single Thought Contagion, which Bellamy also spoke about at length on the Woody Show. “I was hungover in a hotel in Montreal and watching the news 24/7, which I tend to do when I’m on tour. Which is not good at all, I don’t recommend that for anyone” he said, adding: “Thoughts can sometimes spread around each other’s minds. Ones we don’t want sometimes, especially from the news. It’s kind of about how these things spread around our collective minds, and sometimes we’ll get a bit crazy.

Muse’s new album, reportedly influenced in part by Netflix smash hit Black Mirror, is due later this year. Watch a live recording of new single Thought Contagion below, and watch the official video above.