Muse Share Video for Revolt

Devonshire rockers Muse have finally unveiled the futuristic music video for new single Revolt. Back at the start of September, we let you know that the band were going to release a new video that same week, however the announcement turned out to concern a world tour. Now, the full video is available to watch.

The video, which is available to watch via Apple Music, depicts an ongoing revolt which follows the concept of Muse’s most recent studio album, Drones. According to the band, the clip (shot in Prague) was purposely filmed in black & white, with colour scenes said to represent revolution. The ‘massive’ video was directed by Guy Shelmerdine, and you can watch it here. Furthermore, you can download the VRSE app to view the clip in virtual reality.

Muse will tour the world next year as part of their Drones album campaign, taking in Amsterdam on 7, 8 and 10 March.