Muse to Release New Video This Week

Devon trio Muse are set to release a brand new video this week for upcoming single Revolt. The track, which is taken from the stellar Drones, will thus be the third proper single Matt Bellamy and co. have put out this campaign.

Revolt makes out part of the underlying concept which underpins current album Drones, with the story hitting its peak during the song. The track, which is a blend of upbeat alt rock and Bellamy’s signature falsetto vocals, sees Drones’ protagonist fight back against those in control. The band have recently shared a handful of pictures from the video shoot, which is based around a London Riots style fight between civilians and police offers. It’s currently unclear whether or not the video will feature the same protagonist that featured in the recent video for Mercy.

Following plenty of social media hype, the video looks set to be released within the next few days, thus adding another chapter to the fantastic story that is Drones. You can listen to Revolt below.