The Music Industry, COVID-19 And What You Can Do

As you’re all aware, the current COVID-19 virus outbreak has brought the music industry (and essentially the entire economy) to a crushing halt. People who work in music often rely on freelance work or have their income dependent on a steady flow of live music and events. Without live music, the music industry will be nothing like it used to be, and it’s put everyone’s work in doubt. Even as things start to pick up again, we’ll still be picking up the pieces and readjusting to the damage for weeks, months and maybe years. Just look at the impact SXSW’s cancellation has had.

You may have noticed in the last year that All Things Loud’s focus has shifted more and more towards live music. With a significant lack of live shows for at least the next few weeks, it means that you won’t be hearing much from All Things Loud. While we come to terms with how COVID-19 affects us we’ll be working on ways to fill up the website with as much fun, interesting and relevant content. It may mean that you won’t hear from All Things Loud that much in the coming days while we rethink our content plans.

(c) Marc Prodanovic
(c) Marc Prodanovic

Big bands may not suffer as much from the COVID-19 crisis, but smaller artists will be hit hard. Here’s the one thing you can do to keep the industry alive and these small bands safe from a crash and burn scenario: buy merchandise. With streaming paying out less and less to artists, merchandise is often the main source of income which keeps bands going. Get online, find a small band you love and support them by buying a t-shirt, a vinyl or whatever else takes your fancy. Photographers will also bear the brunt of the lack of live music, so look up your favourites and maybe buy a print or something similar.

The same goes for small, independent record labels. Buy their vinyls, pick up a t-shirt or maybe donate a small sum to keep them afloat. We’re all struggling in this crisis, but just try to imagine a world where your favourite band or label has been hit so hard that they may never release anything again. It’s a crazy world we live in at the moment, an unpredictable nightmare at best. So if you’re able to support the creatives who help keep the music industry running, then you know what to do.

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