How Music is Used to Influence Individuals in Daily Life

Anyone can confirm that music evokes various feelings in each person, be it your favourite song from high school or the Christmas carol that makes your mom cry each year. This effect is used throughout your daily life to get you to feel desired emotions and is often not even noticed. Whether the goal is to make you feel comfortable or excited, music is used by various industries for various reasons. Here are several ways music may have been influencing your daily life without you realising.


Films and TV shows

When sound entered the world of film in 1927 with the classic The Jazz Singer, it changed the industry forever. Film scores have been used for nearly a century to evoke emotions found in the relevant scenes. Horror movies use dramatic music, while kids show play jingles and sing-along songs. Each song played in a movie or TV series is placed with purpose and often achieves the goal, helping the audience feel whatever the scene is meant to convey. This effect is easily tested by simply putting a movie on mute and seeing the dramatic or horror aspects evaporate in silence. Music has made films what we know today. As a result, you can also notice when a film has a lack of music and the message that carries in itself.

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Casinos, bars and restaurants

Besides the fact that many social hubs are spots for band gigs and live entertainment, they also use background music to communicate subtly with their customers. Bars and restaurants use music from various genres to set the mood for the atmosphere, which either helps guests relax or gives them a mini-boost in energy. Casinos are also known for the buzzing music that includes rings, jingles and anything else that sounds reminiscent of both games and winning. Even online casinos use this technique of carefully chosen music to set the mood. Mr Green, an online casino based in Malta, incorporates music on their platform to spread an energetic and welcoming mood. The available games found at this casino from the majority of their providers, like Microgaming and NetEnt, have been programmed with music for this very purpose.


Fitness and workout establishments

Everyone who has been to any gym will know that one of the constants in the environment is music. Whether it’s blaring or simply audible, the music that plays in gyms and fitness centres is usually upbeat and vibrant, to help motivate physical activity. Music not only motivates people to keep moving by putting them in a more positive mood, but the rhythm and tempo are also useful to follow for reps and speed on machines like cross trainers and ellipticals. Music is also used in many yoga classes and has the reverse effect of helping participants calm down and clear their minds.

Once you can recognise these subtle influences that appear in your daily life, you see how music affects you far more than your latest playlist does on Spotify. Without it, we wouldn’t have the set moods we so rely on and unwittingly embrace.