Neck Deep Release Digital EP

Welsh pop punkers Neck Deep have surprised fans with a new digital EP.

In Bloom: Versions contains two reimagined versions of popular single In Bloom, which garnered much critical success as part of last year’s The Peace & the Panic. The first version is a collaboration with saxophonist Tony Hancock, aka Saxl Rose. The second version is an acoustic rendition.

Speaking of the new versions, Neck Deep frontman Ben Barlow said: “The idea for In Bloom: Versions came very naturally, initially after our friend Tony Hancock – aka Saxl Rose – came and played sax for us in Baltimore earlier this year. It was a pure jam, but we loved it and subsequently he played for us at the NYC and LA shows of that tour because we were just really feeling the vibe it brought to the song. From there, we decided a recorded version needed to be heard by everyone. Whilst we’ve been working on this recording, our boy Tony has only gone and played live with Paramore and done dates on Warped! Honestly, Tony is the man. We’ve also been playing an acoustic rendition of it at in-store and fan events since before the album was even officially released, so it seemed obvious that we should capture the vibe of that on a proper recording as well. And thus, In Bloom: Versions was a thing.”


Barlow further went on to add, “We feel that In Bloom is in itself a very diverse song, and so could be taken in a number of different directions, and this mini single really showcases that. It is such an important song to us, and such an accessible, catchy, beautiful song that we felt it deserved to be heard in its various renditions, for people to fall in love and enjoy in a new way, all over again.”

Listen to both versions below.