Northlane & In Hearts Wake Release Surprise EP

Aussie metalcore bands Northlane and In Hearts Wake have released a surprise split EP.

The Equinox EP was recorded in secret by all ten members of both bands, with In Hearts Wake frontman Jake Taylor saying the following: “The ‘Equinox Tour’ and EP will be unlike no other. All 10 of us locked ourselves away so that we could weave together our creative efforts into this surprise twelve-minute EP odyssey. Working closely with so many passionate individuals has had its creative challenges and its beneficial learning curves. But like all things that are born to thrive, the ‘Equinox’ journey has proven both abundant and powerful, showing what can be achieved when we work together. The ‘Equinox’ EP is the testament of friendship and camaraderie that NL & IHW share, and the tour is still yet to come!”.

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Northlane guitarist Josh Smith added: “It’s quite a tall order to fuse two bands together to create art, but the whole process felt synergistic and I believe that the result is greater than the sum of the partsThe recorded part of the project was a monumental challenge for all of us to overcome, on a tight deadline nestled within hectic touring schedules, but it elevated our creativity far beyond the bounds we’d come to know and allowed us to share a common message of importance together.” He continues: “The second part of the project, the live show, will too be a historic escapade for Northlane and In Hearts Wake, an absolutely unmissable event that we just cannot wait for!”.

The EP has been in the works for some three years now, with the bands having found time to record the 12-minute long collection in January. Both Northlane and In Hearts Wake will tour Australia together, with one part of the show featuring all ten members of both bands onstage at the same time to perform the new songs. This will not happen anywhere else in the world.

You can pre-order The Equinox‘s physical edition here. Listen to the full EP below.