Northlane Unveil Video for Impulse

Australian metalcore outfit Northlane have just unveiled a video for their brand new single, Impulse. Watch the video for the track, taken from new album Node, here.

The video was directed by Jason Eshraghian, who wrote the following about the video:

“The video isn’t a total bash of the digital media age, it’s symbolically trying to look at both sides of the coin. The pros are pretty obvious – eg communication is made easy, loads of online resources for research & educational tools, Northlane’s able to spread its reach. On the downside, people tend to abuse it, they get super obsessive over it, end up isolating themselves (aka anti-social network). Personally, I think it’s made people dumber. Our attention spans have become shorter and we can’t take in info like we used to.

So all of that is symbolised by the green-screened digital world, and that there are pros and cons to it. It’s quite a beautiful looking scene on the surface (so there are pros to it), but there’s something not quite right about it, with all the glitching and surrealism. When the buildings all come in, it starts getting super busy and a lot’s going on (kind of like a Facebook news feed, it keeps ticking… and the video keeps glitching). And then at the very end, Marcus literally ends up ‘all alone in a digital world’ (which represents that self-inflicted isolation).

Besides that, it’s not a very literal clip: I’m not trying to force on anyone how bad the digital media problem is, because there are obviously many pros to it. It’s just that people do abuse digital media, and there definitely IS a problem.

So the people hovering unconsciously are people who are already trapped in their own digital world (which I like to think is going on in their minds). So they’ve already been afflicted, and this ‘curse’ is contagious. Instead of running away (like the rest of the people at the start of the clip), Marcus is curious and walks towards the floating people which ends up in him turning into another floating unconscious person (while he’s trapped in that digital world in his head). Kind of like, if all your mates are getting a snapchat account, then you better jump on that too. It’s contagious.

Now onto all that triangle imagery. A bit of maths talk – in vector calculus, an upside down triangle is the Del operator, which denotes a derivative (ie it calculates the rate of change). An upright triangle is Delta, which implies change – aka, if I lose weight, went from 80kgs to 70kgs, then Δ(weight) = 10kgs. So this triangle represents change. The SAVE US graffiti at the start (with the delta & del symbols in the text) is saying ‘people need change’. Marcus giving up his triangular pyramid pendant (ie, he gives up his own symbol of ‘change’) turns him into another robot, and he ends up being another one of those floating people affected by that digital curse. Much like a lot of us, we definitely need some sort of change to bring about more balance into our own lives.”

Node is the first Northlane album to feature brand new vocalist Marcus Bridge, who replaced Adrian Fitipaldes earlier this year. Read our review of Node here.