Of Mice & Men – Broken Generation (Single Review)

There’s no stopping Of Mice & Men. The Californian quintet released third studio album Restoring Force just over a year ago, touring the world non-stop in its support and taking in massive shows at festivals all over Europe. A stint on the renowned Vans Warped Tour also took place briefly, before they spent last autumn trekking through Europe with Linkin Park. This time round, they’ll be back on the road touring Restoring Force’s deluxe reissue, with the added title of Full Circle added on the end. Broken Generation is the first single to be lifted from Restoring Force: Full Circle.

Broken Generation kicks off with a menacing riff combo courtesy of Alan Ashby and Phil Manansala, before frontman Austin Carlile sings clean for one of the first times ever on record. His vocals have a rather raw tone, quite gritty in nature. Bassist Aaron Pauley exclaims “can you hear them calling?” in an anthemic chorus which is countered by Carlile’s brutal screams. The majority of the track is at a more downbeat pace, as opposed to recent, heavier cuts. “Can you pick up the pieces of this broken generation?” asks Pauley once more ahead of an extremely dark bridge section which encompasses a brutal, low growl and sharp guitars. As the bridge builds up, we’re introduced once more into a heavy outro. Broken Generation may still be Of Mice & Men at its core, but it also signifies a change in sound heading more towards alternative rock with a heavier edge.